I was shot straight into uncertainty when I ripped myself from Vancouver to Toronto February 1, 2014.

Career-wise, I was riding off of a nearly $11,000 Indiegogo campaign win for my stationery company, Dani Press.

Community-wise, I was budding in new friendships at my church, St. Peter's Fireside, but always rooted in my constant, incredible community of Edmonton expats and Waldorf survivors.

I was contentedly flying solo in a cozy apartment half a block in from Main Street's 49th Parallel in a city with constant wafts of the ocean, where views of the mountains were a given.


Well, a shift had already started churning the waters.

You see, part of the grunt work of knowing yourself is paying attention to the rudder of your soul.That thing will turn,will shift,will steady out,it'll do a lot of things.

For me, I know the whole ship is my soul, where Jesus Christ is living and working through me. The rudder is His and I'm simply trying to pay close attention and keep my hands from lurching for control of it.

It was largely because I felt the rudder nudge over that I drew up my pros and cons list for Toronto, with some business reasons, some family reasons, and noticed the pros list win out.

Which kind of sucked, to be honest. 

I had a very cushy ride going, so why call for the lifeboat, abandon ship and set sail somewhere new? 

To be continued...

LUNCHTIME - Because there's nothing like a downtown parking lot at lunchtime.

LUNCHTIME - Because there's nothing like a downtown parking lot at lunchtime.

Why 12 for Toronto?

I want anyone, from a first-time tourist to the seasoned city veteran, to wander through our shops and have their eyes hook on a colourful film photograph taken from right here in our neighbourhoods.

To be able to pen a simple note to someone, not on outdated souvenir paper, but on a meaningful alternative they can send not only from them, but from this diverse, beautiful, commanding beast of a city. 

I want these notes to go around the world.

For pieces of Toronto to land everywhere to exclaim the goodness and pride we have in our home.

Each card is available today, with a boxed set of all 12 available at the end of the series on Friday, August 28!